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Most frequently asked questions

At Hauling Unlimited we believe that an educated customer is always a smart shopper. Allow us to help you make the right choice for your next project. Below are the most frequently asked questions about materials, delivery services and availability.


Do you use dump trucks? 

We use dump trucks with operator for all removal, disposal and delivery of landscaping materials.


What size trucks do we have?

​We have dump trucks with the following sizes: Tri axle carrying up to 12 cubic yards of dirt; quad axle trucks carrying up to 14 cy of dirt and larger size dump trucks that carry up to 25 cubic yards of dirt.


Can you haul concrete?

Yes. We have trucks that have steel body beds that are perfect for any concrete job or for the removal of any asphalt project.


How late can I place an order of material?

​We take orders within 24 hours of delivery. But if it's an emergency and you need material delivered to your site or home call us to arrange a rush delivery.

What is the minimum order?

We have a 10 cubic yard minimum requirement for delivery of dirt, topsoil and mulch. For stone deliveries we require a 10 ton minimum. Anything less than that can be arranged but it would be considered a special order and a minimum delivery charge applies.


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